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A True Edge

Multimillionaire and Eclipse Award Champion Forever Together

Our unrivaled track record began with a bold new course in equine evaluation and management.

Industry-changing strides in research, technology, and competitive strategy twenty-five years in the making established us as the industry's most effective consultants at auction, now supplying a steady stream of lucrative winners to clients at the highest level of racing.

The superior technologies and proprietary methods we have developed allow us to identify undervalued contenders, secure top talent for less, and ultimately yield more breakout champions while placing fewer horses into training.

In addition, EQB stands alone in having demonstrated the efficacy of our approach not only on the track, but also under the independent scrutiny of the international scientific community.

Yet while significant portions of our work have been published in juried scientific journals, the critical mass of our unique proprietary resources remains exclusively available for the benefit of EQB clients.

To fully appreciate the unparalleled resource and opportunity that is EQB, we warmly invite you to review how we have authored the cutting-edge of racing's future to date -- and how these breakthroughs translate into finding Thoroughbreds of the absolute highest caliber.

Our edge represents a unique and winning combination of Solid Horsemanship, Market Savvy, and Superior Technology. [TM]